About Us
Producers of Australia's Best Certified Organic & Bio-Dynamic Produce
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George & Stavroula Caracatsanoudis Established Robinvale Organic Wines in 1976.

After Migrating from Greece around 1954 they spent some time in Adelaide and Melbourne then found their way to the bank of the Murray River.

Today from their winery & 30 hectares of Bio-Dynamic Vineyards at Robinvale sons Steve, Bill and their families continue to produce quality Wines and Non-Alcoholic beverages.

Robinvale is 470 km North-West of Melbourne near the Murray River.

Designed to resemble a Greek temple, they built the winery from ancient Mt. Gambian limestone that helps to maintain a cool temperate cellar.

Over time additions have been made to showcase its beauty.

Robinvale Organic Wines make a variety of Organic, Bio-Dynamic and Preservative Free Table, Sparkling and Fortified Wines.

We are well equipped including bottling facilities and cellar door sales.

We also produce a range of Vegan/Vegetarian friendly Wines to cater for the health and environmentally conscious person.

Our Non-Alcoholic beverages come in Still and Sparkling and are made from Bio-Dynamically grown grapes. As such, they do not contain chemicals.

We produce a variety of Dried Fruit & Fresh Table Grapes as well.

Bio-Dynamically grown fruit usually taste better than fruit grown without the “assistance” of insecticides, herbicides, artificial fertilisers and other chemicals which is better for your body and the environment.

Every Vignerons aim is to consistently produce great wine, Winning Awards along the way provides appreciation for excellent quality and expertise.

To achieve this using organic methods throughout is an enormous accomplishment by Robinvale Organic Wines and proves Organic Wine production has come of age.