ROBINVALE WINES | Organic Wines What Is Bio Dynamic
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Essentiallly, Bio-Dynamics is a chemical free regenerative agriculture that produces both healthier food and soil. It has been called an advanced organic method of farming. Soil is developed and then maintained using appropriate land management practices that are in harmony with nature. In Bio-Dynamics the method is designed biologically to begin the life of the soil and plant. Plants feed through Humus the natural process in the active developed soil. The soil cares for the plants as opposed to the artificial direct feeding of the plant. Developed in Europe by Rudolf Steiner in 1924, Bio-Dynamic farming was brought to Australia in 1951.




Robinvale Organic Wines Vineyard is certified by the Bio-Dynamic Research Institute of Australia. Products that meet the high standards of this organisation are entitled to carry the International Trademark ‘DEMETER”, (Goddess of the harvest and fertility). The ‘DEMETER’ Trademark is universally accepted as the highest quality for all produce and is applicable only to foods grown by an approved Bio-Dynamic method. Robinvale Organic Wine’s vineyard has been under Bio-Dynamic production since 1980 and is registered ‘DEMETER’ Grade ‘A’. Being Grade ‘A’ you can rest assured that the produce is 100 percent Bio-Dynamic and has been grown with no chemicals, pesticides or weedicides. For more information regarding Bio-Dynamics visit